RES offers customized solutions to manage every stage of your energy project, ensuring it runs smoothly and aligns with your unique needs. From project development to construction, our knowledgeable and experienced team delivers the solutions you need, when you need them. At RES, we understand that no two projects are the same. That’s why our tailored and flexible solutions help you meet and exceed your goals. And to keep you relevant in a world of constant change, we continually evaluate and explore additional energy efficiency measures to enrich our solutions offering.

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RES assesses your facility and provides a proposal to retrofit your existing lighting, aligning it with your goals. Energy efficiency, safety, lower maintenance costs and improved employee productivity are all addressed with lighting retrofits and upgrades.

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Data is key. A smart building provides an endless amount of information from various building equipment inputs, allowing you to analyze trends and generate insights that optimize operations. IoT connected sensors accurately monitor every aspect of your facility, capturing data into the cloud so you can monitor and manage your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have evolved a long way beyond price and driving range being the primary considerations. Now, adequate charging infrastructure should be top of mind. EVs are increasing the demand for charging stations; RES helps you develop and implement an effective EV infrastructure plan.

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Smart metering keeps track of how much energy a facility consumes so you can adjust usage if necessary. Smart meters can measure usage and provide valuable data regarding when, where and how much electricity is being consumed.

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What does EV charging, battery storage, solar, smart metering, and smart building technology all have in common? When connected, they form a microgrid system to produce, add, or store electricity. A microgrid provides an alternate energy supply to manage your facility’s energy cost while reducing its carbon footprint.

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Peak demand and global adjustment charges can add up quickly. Depending on your location, upwards of 50% of your facility’s overall electrical bill may come from on-peak or global adjustment charges. RES helps you manage these scenarios and keep your goals on track.

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As the world transitions away from fossil fuels and embraces renewable energy, battery storage is quickly becoming a must-use technology. Our energy solutions experts and leading industry partners help you with end-to-end battery storage solutions regardless of project size.

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A photovoltaic (PV) system can lower your energy costs, provide clean renewable energy to shrink your carbon footprint, and reduce your electrical grid consumption. RES provides turnkey solutions to meet the specific and unique needs of your operation, ensuring a successful project.

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Undetected power problems cost industrial operators and manufacturers billions of dollars a year in preventable equipment failures, down time and excessive energy costs. RES uses power monitoring and analysis software systems to find problems before they begin.

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